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My Reverse Bucket List

I've never been a fan of bucket lists, because the kinds of things that people put on them seem pretty arbitrary. (e.g. visit 100 countries, write a book, etc.)

I'm also not a fan of the phrase “collecting experiences”, because that sounds like just another way to flaunt status on Instagram, etc.

However, I recently wondered: “What if I created a list of interesting things I've already experienced?”

So, like a bucket list in reverse.

This turned out to be a good exercise. It made me realize that I've seen and done a lot more than I thought.

I didn’t do these things to check a box. They just kind of happened.

I can’t say that these things made me a happier or better person, but they were interesting experiences that I was fortunate to have, and many of them forced me to grow in some way.

Try making your own!

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